Youth Exchanges


Overall Aim of our project is to strengthen capacities of youth organizations in small cities
and to promote Youth Participation and Implementation of Youth Policy on a local level via
assisting Cross-Sectorial cooperation. Our project consists of 6 activities: 2 Capacity Building
Fellowship activity, Midterm Evaluation, Training course, Youth Exchange and the
Conference of Evaluation of the project.
Need: Capacity building of small youth organizations based in small cities. – Problem: Small
youth organizations based in small cities play an important role in implementation of Youth
policy on a local level and are important players in youth participation – but particularly in
Eastern Partnership countries – in most of the cases have similar issues. They lack skills in
publicity and fundraising to compete for resources and talent. They also find it difficult to
communicate what they do, especially to people from different (sub)cultures.
Need: Capacity building of Youth Sectors in Municipalities of Small cities. – Problem:
Municipalities of small cities in Eastern Partnership countries do not have a special employer
on youth affairs and person responsible for it has difficulties in cooperation with Youth

Main reason why we would like to carry out this Project, because we believe that youth is the
main driving force for positive changes for the better democratic Society, and Youth Policy is
one of the most important prerequisites for it. Youth Policy in National Level is developed,
but it is not so much developed in the Municipality level. According to the research
implemented by the members of our Consortium in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine in Eastern
Partnership, and in Poland and Slovakia in EU, the Youth Policy in the Municipality level is
on a very low level in EaP countries and the officials responsible for youth in small towns
have small imagination about the youth policy and the implementation of the policy in local
level. The situation is different in EU countries, where exists more or less developed local
youth policy.
Local Youth policy is not possible to implement without participation of Young people, but
there we also have a critical situation in Eastern Partnership Countries. National Youth Policy
has been developed during the last 7 years and many youth workers have been involved in the
creation process of youth policy strategy, like in many EU member countries. In the
Municipality level the participation of young people in the implementation of youth policy is
on the low level in EaP countries. The situation is different in EU where the implementation
is being done via full involvement of local youth organizations. In EaP countries there exists
Youth Council attached to the Mayor but members of the council are not trained and do not
implement their functions. Member organizations of this consortium are being involved in the
implementation of Youth policy on the National Level and would like to raise capacities of
municipalities and regional youth organizations via using best practice of the European Union
countries. Our project fully fits with the one of Objective of European Youth policy –
promoting cooperation with and exchanges between youth workers on different continents.


Deadline for applying is 10.04.2018 
Send your CV and in this email and in subject line write Project in Armenia