Training courses

Dates: 10.03.2018-18.03.2018

Venue: Chisinau, Moldova

“Triangle of Participation – Young Leaders – Youth NGOs – Local Municipalities” – a capacity building project for five organizations  from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Finland and Sweden. The project aims to develop innovative and collaborative practices between organizations active in the field of youth, enterprises, public authorities and civil society organizations active in different socio-economic sectors on one hand, and at the same time encourage and motivate young people to increase their active participation on decision-making process on the local and national level in their countries and develop long and short-term strategies and policies with their involvement.

Through multi-sectorial cooperation – transnational, intercultural, cross-sectoral, cross-policy, cross-institutional and creating synergies between formal, non-formal and informal education and methodologies the project connects 5 countries via different mobility and capacity building activities.

Training Course in Moldova
This training course will be implemented on March 11-17, 2018 (without the travel days) in Chisinau, Moldova.
We will recruit 7 participants from Armenia, Georgia, Finland, Moldova, Sweden.
The participants for this actions should be the future fellows (to be sent on the fellowship), their coordinators, mentors and organisational staff.

to prepare participants and organisations for the fellowship, give them set of competences which will ease their learning during the whole process;
to acknowledge and increase the recognition of non-formal education and informal learning;
to explore the needs and the challenges of the national youth policies in EaP and EU; to discover the diverse aspects of youth participation, reflect about roles, responsibilities, challenges and needs, to understand different types of active citizenship for youth and the role of each individual as a potential change-maker and active part of society;
to gain practical competences in intercultural dialogue, networking both in an international and national level, as well as in communication, campaigning and in critical thinking;
to reflect on the learning needs and set expectations, possible contributions and manage the challenges the project may face.

Financial Conditions: Organizers will cover Accommodation and Meal expenses
Travel costs will be reimbursed according to the rules of Erasmus Plus programme
Age limit: 18 +
Deadline for applications: 09.02.2018
Please send your filled application forms to
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