Dates: 15-21, July, 2017

Place: Telavi, Georgia

Youth participation is an indivisible part of the democratic processes, it requires involvement, inclusion and cooperation between various sectors – youth itself, governmental and non-governmental sectors. Nowadays myriad individuals suffer from political, religious, cultural, social collisions, economic obstacles and unemployability. Moreover, lack of recognition and beliefs in youth in the society. These are the reasons what causes them stay aside from decision-making process on the local, national and regional levels. These problems causes that the youth has a lack of confidence, courage and empowerment to have their say. There is a need among the youth organizations (public, governmental and non-governmental) to facilitate youth participation in society, to motivate and encourage for shaping a voice to be included. There is a need of realizing that we all hold the power to make a change in society, in local and regional public institutions, active young people are what makes a society dynamic. There’s a need of youth organizations to increase the sense of participation of young people in the society. To conduct a successful participation, various set of knowledge, skills and competences are needed in each sector. It has to be noted that there are different aspects, methods and means of participation practiced in different regions across Europe. There are also various opportunities and experience which are needed to be shared across each sector on national, regional and international levels.


The main aim of the project is to provide young people with equal opportunities and experience which enable them to develop the competencies to play a full part in all aspects of society through expressing their needs, interests and visions. To reach the aim we set the reinforcement the cooperation across the sectors involved in youth field (public bodies – local municipalities, active youth non-governmental organizations) as our goal.


· to create space for sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences and good practices in the field of participation and youth active citizenship;

· to create space for building international partnership and planning future projects in the field of youth involvement in decision-making;

· to find a new strategies and inspiration on creating and supporting local youth initiatives;

· to learn new approaches and to find innovative way of communication between youth and local municipalities politicians/experts/

· to discover the opportunities under Erasmus+ in general, specifically focusing on Key Action 3 – structural dialogue;

· to create opportunities for starting long-term international cooperation (EU and Partner countries) in the field of youth participation and structural dialogue projects;

Participating countries: Armenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Poland.

Organizers will reimburse travel costs of participants according to the rules of Erasmus Plus Programme. Accommodation and Meal expenses will be covered by organizers.

Filled application forms please send to the email by 20 of June