YOUTH EXCHANGE “RURAL TREASURE” 20-27 October 2017 Georgia

Title: Express Tolerance Through Football
October 7, 2017
Conference Digital Youth Work
September 17, 2017

Often young people in rural areas have limited access to educational programmes that are geared to their situation and needs – not surprisingly, many rural young people drop out of school at an early age. Based on the need analysis in countries involved in the project, education is often geared more toward academic accomplishments and to the urban areas than to learning skills useful to rural life, and preparing young people for adulthood. The unrecognised potential of young people in rural areas creates many problems and issues, including drug use, crime, high unemployment, low self-esteem and confidence, and migration to the cities. Currently this trend is increasing rather than diminishing. The low level of community involvement by young people from rural areas is both a result and a cause of the above mentioned issues. Unfortunately, many young people perceive rural or natural areas as uninteresting places for personal, social and professional development and therefore have no willingness stay and explore the potential. As a result, many rural areas experience a high level of depopulation of young people. Many youth leaders and youth workers are facing challenges to engage young people in community life. Many are missing the proper tools, methodologies, approaches, knowledge, and skills of seeking opportunities to facilitate constructive changes in rural communities for engaging young people in activities and community life. Youth work can empower young peoples’ personal and professional development, increase active participation, and foster personal and collective creativity. Objectives – To create the space to share best practices from different countries in terms of community development and youth work in rural areas. This will be done by using innovative tools such as (Non-Formal Education,) Objectives – To increase the opportunities of rural young people through peer to peer learning by organizing mobility projects in rural areas – – To equip young people with necessary tools, creative methods and approaches to foster community engagement – To discover appropriate models of employability in the rural/natural areas; – To show potential career choices and promote rural/natural areas for young people.

Activities Participants will explore local rural potential of the village and work, though implementing non formal methods and peer education , in the end of the week, small local event will be held, participants will plan the even for showing and sharing what they have learnt during the week.where media will be invited

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