Youth Exchange Gori , Georgia

April 6, 2018
Scholarship after Lane Kiekland
December 31, 2017

Youth Exchange Gori , Georgia


Project aim/objectives

The project aims to develop innovative and collaborative practices between organizations active in the field of youth, enterprises, public authorities and civil society organizations active in different socio-economic sectors on one hand, and at the same time encourage and motivate young people to increase their active participation on decision-making process on the local and national level in their countries and develop long and short-term strategies and policies with their involvement.
Project objectives are:
• to give young people knowledge on youth participation, democracy and active citizenship;
• to develop democratic citizenship competences in young people;
• to foster youth participation principles in the youth policy;
• to develop a practice of cross-sectorial cooperation in youth projects;
• to multiply the notions of youth active citizenship;
• to foster intercultural learning and dialogue.

Participant profile

➢ Age 18-25
➢ Be able to communicate in English
➢ Coming from: Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Sweden, Finland
➢ 10 people: 2 leaders + 8 participants
➢ Be fully available during the whole youth exchange and willing to participate actively



Youth Exchange Program will be held in Gori a city located in eastern Georgia which serves as regional and administrative center of Shida Kartli region. City is located 76km west of Tbilisi capital of Georgia. Gori is famous as birth-place of a Dictator of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin.

The project covers the full costs of lodging. Participants will be accommodated in hotel “Victoria”, be ready to live in the room of mixed nationalities.


Gori is linked to capital Tbilisi by highway and it takes approximately one hour drive.
Driving from Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) to Gori takes approximately two
Distance between Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) and Gori is 101 km.
Distance from Kopitnari Airport (KUT) and Gori is 136, 29 km.. Approximate driving time three hours. Please, choose the cheapest possible travel.
Please, inform us about your arrival and departure times before hand.


Applying please send your cv to and mark the Subject Gori