“Urban creatures – redefining public space”
April 28, 2017
“Marathon of Diversities” Football Match and Seminar
April 28, 2017

Volunteer will get into assistance, preparation, process and follow-up of MIKK’s multi-media projects, graphic design, social media etc.

Volunteer will become active participant in variety of interesting events and a broad spectrum of activities for youngsters that MIKK organizes: workshops, multimedia cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, theatre plays, festivals, lecture courses and workshops (in the field of multimedia, basics of digitalization,film/video capturing (shooting) and video editing, photography, 3D animation etc). Documentation of all events, he/she will actively participate is desirable and appreciate and will be part of volunteer personal project.

Depending on his/her motivation, interests and desires, volunteer will also assist, facilitate, coordinate or even organize youth and cultural center MIKK events. Part of volunteer work will also include work with local youngsters to strengthen and encourage their active participation in MIKK.

accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Accommodation for volunteer will be in apartment with his own room, kitchen, bathroom, internet access, cable TV etc. All utilities will be fully covered.

Volunteer will get pocket money on her/his bank account, plus all necessary money/open account in grocery store for making his/her own breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be provided in restaurant.

Apartment, as well as youth cultural center MIKK Murska Sobota are in the center of town, so easily accessible by foot and bike. Volunteer will get his own bike. Also monthly ticket for local bus will be provided.

training during the project

Volunteer will get all necessary trainings support by hosting organization: language and intercultural learning (local and regional reality, specifics and customs), basic training in the field of multimedia, work with DSLR camera, social media and web page editing but also knowledge about facilitating, coordinating and organizing variety of cultural and youth center events etc.

All necessary trainings by Slovenian National Agency will be also provided for volunteer.

volunteer profile

Volunteer should have:
-satisfactory organizational and communication skills and is capable of cooperation in creative team;
-is interested in art, culture, multimedia, creativity in general,
-has pleasure to work with youth;
-is familiar with ICT equipment or willing to learn the needed skills to operate with it, through a variety of workshops and training in MIKK (digital cameras, audio production equipment etc.)
-is initiative, self-confident, creative, motivated person
-have good English language knowledge.

how to apply

Volunteer should send us an email with CV to the email yciddp@yciddp.com before 18.04.2016