“F3 – Foundation For Future” Youth Exchange

“Marathon of Diversities” Football Match and Seminar
April 28, 2017
“Express Tolerance through Dance and Music” International Training Course
April 28, 2017

Dates: 24/06/13 – 30/06/13, arrival day 23/06/13 and departure day 01/07/13
Group per country: 5+1 group leader (participants are youth people from 17-20 years old, leader can be older)
Venue: Ukraine, Donetsk
About the project:
The idea of this youth exchange was born in Estonia during the project “Do step forward. Get the wave”. Ukrainian and Estonian group have decided that would like to cooperate in future and find the topics which will unite youngsters from these two countries and join others. The decision was to talk about the problem of unemployment, how this issue becomes such a global nowadays. May be it was born because of youngsters no awareness about estimating their selves, they yield to the influence of others and mostly going to another country, following their friends and forget about their own interests. May be youngsters just need advice from adults to comprehension the future way? May be they have to answer to the question I am going abroad because of location this country or because of interesting profession? According to that, the project programme contained self-assessment sessions, career tests, meeting with people from different professions, EVS possibilities, session “the most popular job in your country”, simulation business games, discussions about immigration to another country and looking for the “brilliant future”. Each part of the programme developed the youth minds and gave them possibility to be competitive in the world and do not face the problem of unemployment.
Financial conditions

The organizers covered Accommodation and Meal expenses.
70 % of travel costs was reimbursed. Maximal sum of Reimbursement was 350 Euros.

Participantsfrom Armenia were selected according to  their CV.